Ebola virus

La Prévention du virus Ebola en Français

Ebola virusThis video from the Democratic Republic of the Congo provides information on the symptoms of Ebola disease, how it is transmitted, and how we can help stop its transmission.

Source: La Prévention du virus Ebola en Français

SBCC for Emergency Preparedness I-Kit

SBCC Emergency Preparedness Implementation Kit

SBCC for Emergency Preparedness I-KitJohns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs (JHCCP) developed toolkit that provides essential information and tools for responding to an outbreak using an SBCC approach. It presents a series of nine units, each accompanied by exercise worksheets to help link the SBCC theory to practice.



Ebola Radio Spot – EVD (1)

radioThis radio spot addresses the topic: Can a deceased Ebola patient still be a danger to the community?, and is produced in 6 languages (French, Swahili, Kikongo, Lingala, Tshiluba and Kinande).


  • Audio EVD (1) Swahili
  • Audio EVD (1) Kikongo
  • Audio EVD (1) Lingala
  • Audio EVD (1) Tshiluba
  • Audio EVD (1) Kinande
Messages les sur la MVF

Messages les sur la MVF

Messages les sur la MVFThis Message guide provides key messages for various audiences (Communities, family members, survivors, leaders and government administrators and health care workers) on dignified and secure burial, IPC, vaccination, nutrition, medical care. Also included are messages for points of entry, survivors and on surveillance.



Ebola vaccine – Radio Spot (Guinea)

radioThis radio spot in 6 different languages discusses the importance of the Ebola vaccine as a preventative measure, how it works and eligibility. Some common misconceptions associated with the Ebola Vaccine are addressed. The accompanying radio script is available in French and English.


  • Ebola Radio Spot Vaccine – Kissi
  • Ebola Radio Spot Vaccine – Guerze
  • Ebola Radio Spot Vaccine – Malinke
  • Ebola Radio Spot Vaccine – Sousou
  • Ebola Radio Spot Vaccine – Poular/Fula/Pula



Signs and Symptoms Radio Spot (Guinea)

radioThis radio spot in 6 different languages explains how the signs and symptoms of the Ebola virus are similar to those of other diseases and confirms that only a doctor can tell the difference. The accompanying radio script is available in French and English.


  • Signs and Symptoms Radio Spot- Kissi
  • Signs and Symptoms Radio Spot- Poular/Fula/Pula
  • Signs and Symptoms Radio Spot- Guerze
  • Signs and Symptoms Radio Spot- Malinke
  • Signs and Symptoms Radio Spot- Sousou


Beyond the Outbreak – Strategies for Post-Ebola Recovery

This toolkit is a resource for organizations and individuals involved in recovery efforts following an infectious disease outbreak, such as the Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak in West Africa in 2014-2016. Its primary goal is to provide governments, donors, NGOs, and survivor groups with guidance and templates for responding to issues related to patient needs and health systems recovery after a major outbreak. Comprised of multiple resources, the toolkit includes best practices and lessons learned, tools and templates, and recovery-oriented research articles, as well as videos, technical briefs, and success stories presented as examples of the health systems recovery work conducted by the Ebola Transmission Prevention & Survivor Services (ETP&SS) programs in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone in 2016-2018. These programs were funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by the Advancing Partners & Communities Project through JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc.

The toolkit can be found here.

Cette ressource est disponible en français.

Manuel du téléopérateur

Ebola-BenjiGuide des ressources pour les téléopérateurs pour le centre d’appel gratuit sur EBOLA en Côte d’Ivoire. (ligne verte). Ce guide peut être utilisé également par des agents communautaires, des hommes et femmes des médias etc.

Manuel du téléopérateur

Video: Learning, to Prevent the Next Outbreak

Last month, the USAID-funded MEASURE Evaluation Project released a video, available in both English and French, reflecting on the 2014 Ebola response within Guinea. Details below from their description:

Guinea was ground zero for the 2014 outbreak of Ebola virus, and health experts were concerned that other critical health issues such as routine care for maternal and child health, might suffer because of clinic closures or fears of contracting the virus. MEASURE Evaluation conducted a rapid assessment to understand better the effects of Ebola and published a journal article on the results, authored by Janine Barden O’Fallon, Alimou Barry, Paul Brodish, and Jack Hazerjian. Read it at measureevaluation.org/resources/publications/ja-15-198.

Regardez la vidéo en français ici.

ebola health communication

Animated Film for Health Worker Use in Guinea to Support Ebola Contact-Tracing

Medical Aid Films just released a short new animated film on Ebola in collaboration with the Earth Institute at Columbia University. The film is targeted to help educate communities in Guinea about “contact tracing,” vital work being done by health workers to find everyone who has been in direct contact with a sick Ebola patient in order to help stop spread of the disease.

Quoted from their announcement:

Our animation follows the story of a contact tracer, Mariam, as she goes about her work – visiting those who have come into contact with a sick Ebola patient, finding those who are showing symptoms, and arranging appropriate care for those who need it. The film will be used by the Government of Guinea and UNFPA in Guinea; and it is freely available in English and French for anyone to download and use, in both standard and mobile formats.

Regardez la vidéo en français ici.