Ebola - Agents de suivi

Ebola – Agents de suivi

Ebola - Agents de suiviThis film discusses the role of community health workers in their essential “contact tracing” work to prevent the spread of Ebola. It explains the role of contact tracers in finding people who have been in contact with an Ebola patient and in raising awareness to help stop the transmission of the disease.

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How can we prevent ebola?

How can we prevent Ebola?

How can we prevent ebola?This resource consists of job aide cards with illustrations and talking points to guide health care workers’ conversations with community members. Topics include: general EVD facts, signs and symptoms, transmission, prevention, caring for the sick, safe&dignified burials, contact tracing and Ebola treatment units.

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Messages les sur la MVF

Messages les sur la MVF

Messages les sur la MVFThis Message guide provides key messages for various audiences (Communities, family members, survivors, leaders and government administrators and health care workers) on dignified and secure burial, IPC, vaccination, nutrition, medical care. Also included are messages for points of entry, survivors and on surveillance.