Tout savoir sur le virus Ebola

Video – Tout savoir sur le virus Ebola

This animated video addresses: What is Ebola? How is the virus transmitted? What are the signs and Symptoms?

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Ebola Radio Spot – Surveillance (2)

radioThis radio spot addresses the topic: “Is the Ebola vaccine important to the entire community?”, and is produced in 5 languages (French, Swahili, Kinande, Kikongo, Lingala and Tshiluba).


  • Audio File Surveillance (2) Swahili
  • Audio File Surveillance (2) Kikongo
  • Audio File Surveillance (2)Lingala
  • Audio File Surveillance (2) Tshiluba
Is it COVID-19 or Ebola

Is it COVID-19 or Ebola?

Is it COVID-19 or EbolaThis fact sheet distinguishes between Covid-19 and Ebola in terms of cause, transmission, signs and symptoms and risk factors.



Ebola Radio Spot – Vaccination (2)

radioThis radio spot addresses the topic: “Can a person who has already been vaccinated still carry the Ebola virus?”, and is produced in 6 languages (French, Swahili, Kikongo, Lingala, Tshiluba and Kinande).


  • Audio File Vaccination (2) Swahili
  • Audio File Vaccination (2) Kikongo
  • Audio File Vaccination (2)Lingala
  • Audio File Vaccination (2) Tshiluba
  • Audio File Vaccination (2) Kinande
A healthcare worker administering the ebola vaccine

WHO Ebola Fact Sheet

This WHO Ebola fact sheet (2021) provides comprehensive facts on Ebola, covering transmission, symptoms, prevention and control, vaccine, care for those recovered from Ebola and WHO response.

Source: WHO Ebola Fact Sheet

Ebola virus

La Prévention du virus Ebola en Français

Ebola virusThis video from the Democratic Republic of the Congo provides information on the symptoms of Ebola disease, how it is transmitted, and how we can help stop its transmission.

Source: La Prévention du virus Ebola en Français

Child Friendly Ebola Poster

Ebola Child Friendly Poster

Child Friendly Ebola PosterThis Illustrated, child friendly poster provides information on what Ebola is, how it’s spread, signs and symptoms and prevention.

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Ebola Poster

Ebola Poster

Ebola PosterThis illustrated poster provides general EVD facts, signs and symptoms, modes of transmission and prevention.

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Frequently asked questions about ebola

Ebola Question and Answer Booklet

Frequently asked questions about ebolaThis illustrated booklet addresses Frequently Asked Questions about EVD, including general facts, modes of transmission, prevention, treatment and common misconceptions.

Source: Ebola Q&A Booklet

How can we prevent ebola?

How can we prevent Ebola?

How can we prevent ebola?This resource consists of job aide cards with illustrations and talking points to guide health care workers’ conversations with community members. Topics include: general EVD facts, signs and symptoms, transmission, prevention, caring for the sick, safe&dignified burials, contact tracing and Ebola treatment units.

Source: How can we prevent Ebola- Job Aide