Child Friendly Ebola Poster

Ebola Child Friendly Poster

Child Friendly Ebola PosterThis Illustrated, child friendly poster provides information on what Ebola is, how it’s spread, signs and symptoms and prevention.

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africa united

Africa United: Trust Your Health Worker Poster ft. Yaya Toure (Manchester City/Ivory Coast)

africa unitedAfrica United is a global team of football stars, celebrities, international health bodies and other organizations committed to stopping the spread of Ebola and building a healthier West Africa. Africa United provides critical education, resources and solidarity to those affected by Ebola in West Africa.

Our mission is to help stop the spread of Ebola and protect individuals and communities in affected areas by:

  • Driving adherence to positive behavior change messages tailored to current needs
  • Instilling confidence in health workers continued efforts in the community
  • Catalyzing resource mobilization from public and corporate sources
  • Coordinating a synergies amongst government leaders, local NGOs and international humanitarian response organizations

Africa United launched in the fall of 2014 to meet a critical need for support and behavior change messages, and uses the power of celebrity – African footballers – to deliver these messages through media, sports, health and governmental distribution partners. The campaign has produced and distributed a series of videos, radio spots and print materials (e.g., posters, football cards, notebooks) that feature locally influential celebrities delivering health and support messages, and we work closely with CDC in-country teams and NGO partners to adapt materials to rapidly changing needs. To view or download the materials, please visit

Africa United: Trust Your Health Worker Poster ft. Yaya Toure (Manchester City/Ivory Coast)

Tabella Tee – International Soccer Star, Ebola Comic book

ebolasurvivorcomicbookDeveloped by a team of graphic artists and storytellers in Liberia, the Ebola edition of “Tabella Tee – International Soccer Star” chronicles the latest turn in Tee’s inspiring life.

The comic book details how Ebola is transmitted by having Tee consider how he was infected in the first place. It then lists signs and symptoms of Ebola as Tee describes his own illness and his hesitancy to seek help. He eventually uses the national hotline number in Liberia to get the help he needs.

As a survivor, Tee experiences some stigma when he returns to his community, but he is welcomed after his family learns he is no longer infectious. The engaging visuals and story were designed to educate as well as entertain readers.

Tabella Tee – International Soccer Star, Ebola Comic book

Key Messages for Safe Schools

ebolabacktoschoolmessagesKey Messages for Parents; Key Messages for Students

Key Messages for Safe Schools

Her Dreams vs. Ebola Series

More Than Me (MTM) works in the West Point slum of Liberia to get girls off the street and into school. Due to the Ebola outbreak, MTM had to shut down its academy and is now running an Ebola Response plan for West Point. Through fear and heartache, these girls hold tight to their dreams. And we can’t let Ebola get in the way of that.
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