Ebola STI Social Media Post

Social Media Posts – Audio (DRC)

Ebola STI Social Media PostThree Social Media Audio Posts addressing the importance of vaccine, hand washing and protected sex to prevent the spread of Ebola.


Ebola Vaccine Saves Lives

Social Media Posts – Guinea

Ebola Vaccine Saves LivesEight Social Media posts highlighting the return of EVD, Ebola signs and symptoms, hand washing and vaccination to prevent the spread of Ebola



Ebola vaccine – Radio Spot (Guinea)

radioThis radio spot in 6 different languages discusses the importance of the Ebola vaccine as a preventative measure, how it works and eligibility. Some common misconceptions associated with the Ebola Vaccine are addressed. The accompanying radio script is available in French and English.


  • Ebola Radio Spot Vaccine – Kissi
  • Ebola Radio Spot Vaccine – Guerze
  • Ebola Radio Spot Vaccine – Malinke
  • Ebola Radio Spot Vaccine – Sousou
  • Ebola Radio Spot Vaccine – Poular/Fula/Pula