CDC: Ebola Trifold Brochure (French)


Brochure in French describing Ebola virus symptoms and means of transmission.

CDC: Ebolavirus Ecology (French)


Ebolavirus-Ecology-FrenchCDC graphic in French shows the life cycle of the ebola virus. Bats are strongly implicated as both reservoirs and hosts for the ebolavirus. Of the five identified ebolavirus subtypes, four are capable of human-to-human transmission. Initial infections in humans result from contact with an infected bat or other wild animal. Strict isolation of infected patients is essential to reduce onward ebolavirus transmission. (CDC Website)

CDC: Ebola Signs and Symptoms (French)

Signs-Symptoms-French     Signs and symptoms (French)

CDC Videos

Video     Videos from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on the Ebola outbreak.

CDC: Ebola Radio Health Messages

green-radioFollow this link to a set of 7 radio messages in different languages (English, French, and 11 other languages). Radio messages include spots on prevention, risk, and stigma. Transcripts are included. These spots will be most useful when read by a local voice and adapted for local dialect and context.

Ebola Radio Health Messages