Ebola SMS Course for Health Workers

intrahealthcourse This open copyright course consists of 23 SMS texts for health workers to provide them with basic information on Ebola prevention, diagnosis, care, and communication.  It is meant to be adapted to local language and Ebola guidelines.

Ebola SMS Course for Health Workers

Ebola Training for Communities


wiredinternationationThe Ebola module—in English and French—adheres strictly to WHO and CDC guidelines and can be accessed on the Internet or downloaded for use on laptops. It’s an excellent tool for group training sessions.

See it here: http://www.wiredhealthresources.net/mod-ebola.html

Download it here: http://www.wiredhealthresources.net/training/filling-station.html

Ebola: A Poem for the Living

ebolaapoemUnited Methodist Communications, Chocolate Moose Media and iheed have collaborated to produce an animated video for use in West Africa that helps dispel myths about how Ebola is spread and promotes prevention of the disease.

Ebola: A Poem for the Living

CDC – Guidance for Airlines Crews, Cleaning and Cargo Personnel

Airline-GuidanceInformation for airline crews and cleaning and cargo personnel on protecting passengers and crews from Ebola, as well as cleaning and disinfecting the plane.

CDC – Recommendations for Breastfeeding

BreastfeedingRecommendations for breastfeeding and infant feeding in the context of Ebola.

CDC – Infection Control for Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers in African Healthcare Setting

Infection-ControlFrom the CDC, information about infection control for viral hemorrhagic fevers in Africa.

CDC – Tools for Protecting Healthcare Personnel

 Protecting-HC-Personnel-1Guidelines for protecting healthcare personnel from the CDC.

Government of Liberia: Spread the Word, Not the Disease Poster

unicef2 The poster has information about how the virus is transmitted from animals to humans. The audience is Liberian communities where introduction of the virus from bushmeat is a primary danger. The poster is clear, bright, and understandable.

Original Poster

UNICEF: Guidelines for Training Community Volunteers for Social Mobilization

guide1This is a guideline for training community volunteers to educate communities about the Ebola outbreak and to mobilize them to prevent and control the outbreak in their communities. The guidelines outline the key messages that community volunteers should be trained on to be able to effectively educate and mobilize communities about Ebola.

The objective of these guidelines is to train community volunteers to increase community and family knowledge on the transmission and behavior change to prevent Ebola. Included is basic information about Ebola, communication skills training for community volunteers, and explanations of the five stages of behavior change and the five stages of grief.

Ebola Key Messages–Sierra Leone

Key-Messages     Signs and symptoms, transmission, prevention and treatment information for Ebola.