The Lancet Ebola Resource Centre

lancetAn online collection of Lancet articles and other resources for health professionals.

Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak Overview of Needs and Requirements

ebolavirusdiseaseEbola Virus Disease Outbreak Overview of Needs and Requirements

KFF/JAMA – The 2014 Ebola Outbreak

KFF-infographicFrom Visualizing Health Policy (Kaiser Family Foundation) and The Journal of the American Medical Association, an infographic giving a summary of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

CDC – What You Need to Know about Ebola Poster

cdc9This poster from CDC provides general information on the Ebola virus and its spread.

CDC – Q&A- Estimating Future Number of Ebola Cases

QAs-Future-Number-CasesQuestions and answers about estimating the future number of Ebola cases in Liberia and Sierra Leone.

CDC – Facts About Ebola Infographic (French)

cdc4Facts About Ebola Infographic (French)

CDC – Illustration of Rural Clinic

An illustration of a rural clinic from CDC. cdc2

UNICEF: Facts about Ebola

factsaboutebolaProduced by UNICEF for  Uganda, this poster provides information on recognizing signs and symptoms, transmission as well as information on prevention.

UNICEF: Facts on Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever


This pamphlet explains what Ebola is, how it is spread, its signs and symptoms, and how it can be prevented. It directs information to community members as well as to health workers.

UNICEF: Aide-mémoire du mobilisateur: La maladie à virus Ebola

lamaladieebola Information about the Ebola virus and how it is transmitted.