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Time Lapse During Sierra Leone Lockdown

Footage from Freetown, Sierra Leone during a nationwide three-day “lockdown” where all residents were required to remain indoors and traffic was limited to emergency services and Ebola response activities.
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Her Dreams vs. Ebola Series

More Than Me (MTM) works in the West Point slum of Liberia to get girls off the street and into school. Due to the Ebola outbreak, MTM had to shut down its academy and is now running an Ebola Response plan for West Point. Through fear and heartache, these girls hold tight to their dreams. And we can’t let Ebola get in the way of that.
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PPE Happy Dance

Ebola workers at the IMC Ebola Treatment Center in Lunsar, Sierra Leone reacting to the news that one young patient was Ebola-free and ready to go home.
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More than Me Ambulance Team

In response to the Ebola epidemic, More Than Me purchased an ambulance and trained a team to run it. A team of nine men risk their lives every day to help their community. Meet the brave Liberians who have stepped up to be on the front lines of the battle against Ebola.

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Sierra Leone Healthcare Workers Watching #We’veGotYourBack

The healthcare workers at Hastings Ebola Treatment Unit watch themselves featured in the #WeveGotYourBack video with Idris Elba and footballers Carlton Cole, Yaya Touré, Andros Townsend, Patrick Vieira, Kei Kamara and Fabrice Muamba.

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Africa United

Africa United is a road trip through the heart of Africa.

Three Rwandan children set off to Rwanda’s capital city, Kigali, to audition for the opening ceremony of the 2010 World Cup.

Africa United is a story of joy, laughter, hope and generosity – the ‘ubuntu’ spirit in which the children make this incredible journey together.


Ebola Champions

“Your First Mistake Will Be Your Last” – The inspirational heroes on the front lines of the Ebola crisis, from Goodmorningbeautiful films

Hassan Sesay is a cleaner in one of Sierra Leone’s Ebola isolation wards. It is a dangerous job, but he does it for his people and his country. A short film by Michael Duff. Music courtesy of The Twoks.

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The Great Walpoles Rock N Roll Band – All Rise Against Ebola

This video by One Family People features national leaders in Sierra Leone discussing the signs and symptoms of Ebola, as well as a music video from the Great Walpoles Rock N Roll Band.


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