Infant feeding in the context of Ebola – Updated Guidance. 18th Sept 2014

Guidance developed to address questions from programmers working in the Ebola response. Developed in an informal collaboration by UNICEF, WHO, CDC, ENN, MOH Liberia, NGOs and independent experts in response to a question posted on the technical forum en-net ( It is being treated as a live document and will be updated informed by further evidence and experience.

Infant feeding in the context of Ebola – Updated Guidance. 18th Sept 2014

CDC – Interim Guidance – Speciman Collection to Submission for Patients with Suspected Ebola Infection

Interim-Speciman-CollectionFact sheet with interim information regarding collection, transport, testing and submission of specimen for patients with suspected infection of Ebola.

UNICEF: Aide-mémoire du mobilisateur: La maladie à virus Ebola

lamaladieebola Information about the Ebola virus and how it is transmitted.

CDC: Ebola Fact Sheet

Ebola-factsheetFind out how Ebola is transmitted and its signs and symptoms.

UNICEF & WHO: Adapted Integrated Community Case Management Guidelines

ICCMAdapted ICCM Guidelines Guidelines for a revised implementation of Integrated Community Case Management of Childhood Illnesses (ICCM) during the Ebola outbreak. Updated by UNICEF and WHO September 5, 2014.

CDC: Contact Tracing Infographic

Contact-TracingCDC Infographic describing contact tracing protocol in the Ebola response.

WHO Fact Sheet – September 2014

factsheetThis is a general fact sheet about the Ebola virus that was last updated September 2014. WHO Fact Sheet