CDC – Images Showing Individual Symptoms of Ebola

cdc1The zip file contains illustrations of someone with headache, fever, vomiting, etc.

DOWNLOAD Ebola Symptom Illustrations

UNICEF: Ebola Virus – How to Prevent it from Spreading


This poster lists and illustrates five ways to keep Ebola from spreading:

  • Avoid physical contact with people showing symptoms of the disease
  • Wash hands regularly with soap and clean water
  • Do not shake hands with people showing symptoms of the disease
  • Keep away from bats, monkeys, baboons, and dead animals
  • Avoid eating bush meat, and cook all food very well

Government of Liberia: Spread the Word, Not the Disease Poster

unicef2 The poster has information about how the virus is transmitted from animals to humans. The audience is Liberian communities where introduction of the virus from bushmeat is a primary danger. The poster is clear, bright, and understandable.

Original Poster

UNICEF: Facts about Ebola

factsaboutebolaProduced by UNICEF for  Uganda, this poster provides information on recognizing signs and symptoms, transmission as well as information on prevention.

UNICEF: Aide-mémoire du mobilisateur: La maladie à virus Ebola

lamaladieebola Information about the Ebola virus and how it is transmitted.

CDC: Ebola Treatment Center

treatment-center     Information about your nearest Ebola treatment center.

CDC: Ebola Signs and Symptoms (French)

Signs-Symptoms-French     Signs and symptoms (French)

CDC: Ebola Fever Signs and Symptoms

Fever-Signs-SymptomsThis poster shows the signs and symptoms of Ebola fever through illustrations.  Anyone with the symptoms is encouraged to go to a health centre.

Ebola Key Messages–Sierra Leone

Key-Messages     Signs and symptoms, transmission, prevention and treatment information for Ebola.

Government of Liberia: Protect Yourself Poster (If you have symptoms…)

With-symptomsThis poster’s audience is the general community in Liberia and has information on protecting yourself and your family, and steps to take to seek care. It has clear calls to action, is well-designed, and the use of graphics makes it appropriate for low-literacy populations.