UNICEF & WHO: Adapted Integrated Community Case Management Guidelines

ICCMAdapted ICCM Guidelines Guidelines for a revised implementation of Integrated Community Case Management of Childhood Illnesses (ICCM) during the Ebola outbreak. Updated by UNICEF and WHO September 5, 2014.

UNICEF: Ebola Signs and Symptoms Poster

Signs and Symptoms PosterThis poster has the signs and symptoms of the virus as well as the actions that a person should take in case of having the signs or symptoms.  The community is encouraged to tell a community leader or call a hotline.  The community is advise to not hide someone who is sick.

UNICEF: Ebola Prevention Poster

unicef1UNICEF Ebola Prevention Poster.

UNICEF: Interpersonal Communication Flip Book

Things Everyone Should Know and DoThings Everyone Should Know and Do is a flip book from UNICEF and partners for interpersonal communication.

UNICEF: Ebola Flip Chart Training Guide

DRAFT_TRAINING-GUIDE_EBOLA_1-Sept-1This training manual from UNICEF and partners is designed to guide a one-day training for any person giving interpersonal communication (IPC) or sensitization on Ebola in Liberia including gCHVs, animators, social mobilizers, or community leaders. Training Guide for Ebola Flip Chart