Reach Every District (RED) Strategy: A Response for Community Participation and Ownership


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The RED strategy was a wakeup call to community leaders and members to accept the reality that we had a problem on hand and the only solution in addressing this deadly disease was to make “Ebola everyone’s business”. Through empowerment, communities took ownership of the EVD response in their various areas to stop the transmission of the virus. Communities transmitted the correct messages in their local dialects and conducted active case search, reported sick or suspected cases, supported quarantined communities with food, water, and other basic needs until the MOH and partners could respond. It also drew the attention of the public that no matter what the situation may be the involvement of everyone in the EVD response paid off.

Brandon Desiderio

Brandon Desiderio is the web specialist for Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3). He's a communication for development professional with background in social media marketing, digital journalism and web development. Before joining the HC3 team and the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, he worked for Catholic Relief Services. His interests include community ownership, utilizing media as a force for positive social change, innovative communication technologies, and program design for gender and sexual minorities. Brandon holds a BA in Communication from Cabrini College.

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