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Fighting Fear and Stigma with Accurate Ebola Information

In July 2015, three months after the last person who had succumbed to the dreadful Ebola virus was buried, Liberians woke to the news that a 17-year old young man had died of the virus. Liberia was no longer considered Ebola-free. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s words, “The only thing to fear is fear itself” have stayed […]

As Ebola Epidemic Wanes, Transform Complacency with this Ebola Preparedness I-Kit

It’s a win for Ebola prevention efforts that over 120 people in Liberia were placed under observation due to a resurgent outbreak in the country, even after it was declared Ebola-free. This signals that Liberia’s containment efforts are still strong. But it’s essential to remain vigilant: as the epidemic wanes, public complacency around sustaining behaviors that prevent Ebola transmission could be a barrier to stemming the […]