Ebola SMS Course for Health Workers

intra3These messages were developed based on the US CDC’s Ebola Guidelines for Health Workers[1]. The course is available for general use and modification under a creative commons license. IntraHealth recommends that the course be adapted to meet national guidelines and language.

The course presented here is a series of SMS message (140 characters or less) to be sent over a period of a week or two to health workers. SMSs can be sent out to health workers’ mobile phone numbers via systems such as RapidSMS[2] using an iHRIS[3] HR database or another compatible system.

Ebola SMS Messages for Health Workers


[1] http://www.cdc.gov/vhf/ebola/hcp

[2] https://www.rapidsms.org/

[3] http://www.ihris.org/ iHRIS is currently being used by 19 countries to manage over 1 million health worker HR records.