Viral hemorrhagic fevers interim guidance

CDC- Interim Guidance about Ebola Virus Infection for U.S. Citizens Living Abroad

Viral hemorrhagic fevers interim guidanceViral hemorrhagic fevers overview; CDC recommendations; what to do if you think you have been infected; what to do after you return.

ebola in nigeria

CDC – Ebola in Nigeria

ebola in nigeriaEbola in Nigeria, traveler warning from CDC.

ebola in Sierra Leone

CDC – Ebola in Sierra Leone

ebola in Sierra LeoneEbola in Sierra Leone, traveler warning from CDC.

CDC – Guidance for Airlines Crews, Cleaning and Cargo Personnel

Airline-GuidanceInformation for airline crews and cleaning and cargo personnel on protecting passengers and crews from Ebola, as well as cleaning and disinfecting the plane.

CDC – Guidance for Airlines- Reporting Onboard Deaths or Illnesses to CDC

Airlines-Reprting-DeathsInformation for airlines, their pilots and cabin crew on reporting deaths and illnesses to the CDC.

CDC – Ebola in Guinea

ebola in guineaEbola in Guinea, traveler warning from CDC.

CDC – Guidance on Air Medical Transport

air-med-guidanceFrom the CDC, guidance for air medical transport operators who are considering transporting patients with Ebola and the healthcare workers who will also be onboard.

CDC – Interim Guidance- Compliance for Handling Patient Specimens

Compliance-SpecimensInterim guidance regarding compliance with select agent regulations for laboratories handling patient specimens that are known or suspected to contain Ebola virus.

CDC – Packaging and Shipping Clinical Specimens

Packaging-SpecimensDiagram from the CDC on how to package and ship a clinical specimen.

CDC – Interim Guidance – Speciman Collection to Submission for Patients with Suspected Ebola Infection

Interim-Speciman-Collection-web Interim information regarding collection, transport, testing and submission of specimen for patients with suspected infection of Ebola.