IFRC – Psychosocial Support and Ebola – a Briefing Package

Eb2A briefing package about providing psychosocial support to people, developed by the IFRC Reference Centre for Psychosocial Support. The package contains a briefing note for staff and volunteers providing psychosocial support to people affected by the Ebola outbreak. It includes information about “Specific sources of stress related to Ebola,” “Preparing to go on mission,” “Working with the affected population,” “Psychosocial support activities related to Ebola,” “Communicating with beneficiaries,” and “Talking about fear, stigma and hope.”

It also contains the toolkit “Caring for Volunteers,” background documents about Ebola and psychosocial support and psycho-education handouts adapted for Ebola on “Stress and Coping,” “Working in stressful situations,” “Psychological first aid,” and an “Information sheet on common reactions.” The briefing package is also available in French

Psychosocial Support During an Outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease 

Caring for Volunteers

Emergency Response Unit Flyers

Health and Security

Background Articles and Reports