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USAID official being interviewed by local journalists about its initiative with the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation to provide 9,000 household protection kits as part of the response to help Liberians fight Ebola. Each kit includes biohazard bags, soap, PPE, and gloves. Photo by Morgana Wingard

Let’s Not Poison the Well – How the Media Can Help Combat Ebola-related Stigma

I’ve been reading a book on HIV prevention in which the French anthropologist, sociologist and physician, Didier Fassin[1] is quoted as saying that epidemics are moments of truth for society, when power and knowledge become manifest. I keep thinking of Fassin’s words in light of the Ebola outbreak, the fear and panic that is integral to the story, and the profound effect that stigma has...

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Misinformation Can Be Key Driver of Deadly Ebola

Misinformation Can Be Key Driver of Deadly Ebola

Earlier this month Christopher Graves, CEO for Ogilvy Public Relations*, wrote that “managing Ebola will take powerful communication.” It’s a sensible and thoughtful blog about a horrible disease that is such a public health nightmare for the people of West Africa.