Korean language Models

Korean products make a term for themselves inside the fashion sector, and they’re having a mechanical failure the boundaries that have extended segregated them from Western versions. They also serve as role units for young Asian sexy korean women, uplifting them to pursue a profession in fashion and modeling.


Jang Yoon Ju (Jang Yoon-ju):

A 173cm tall model, Jang Yoon Ju is perfectly equipped with classic Oriental features and a slim body brand, which has manufactured her a star in the industry. Her stunning catwalk stage have taken her all over the world, out of Milan to New York and back again.

Jang Yoon Ju can be described as famous TV host, http://newsinfo.iu.edu/news-archive/18977.html singer, actress and trend beautiful. She has likewise co-written an e book about the modeling world with her peers Betty Jae-Wook, Ji Hyun-Jung, Han Hye-Jin and Song Kyung-Ah.

Kang Seung-hyun:

Another model to take the method world by simply storm, Kang Seung-hyun first showed in 2008 and was the primary models to break down the screen among high manner and advertisements. She was spotted over the runways of brands like Christian Dior, Calvin Klein and Louis Vuitton and has been the encounter of many a high-end campaign.

Shelter Ho Jung:

As a DISC JOCKEY, singer and TV personality, Lee Ho Jung is more praised for her appearances in dramas and films than the girl with as a style. But she’s a talented model with baby-like magnificence who has did the trick for many people different brands. She also operates her private vintage fashion line, Reborn Process. This wounderful woman has also patterned for Pushbutton, a popular Korean streetwear brand.